Questions and answers

Who can be treated privately?

Anyone can be treated privately, either through medical insurance or by paying directly. However, in most cases you need to be referred by your GP. Contact our team for further details – Lyn Proud on 01609 763110 or Jacqui Stainthorpe on 01642 854425.

Where does the private treatment take place?Paient consultation

We have facilities at both the James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage Hospital Northallerton.

What services and treatments do you provide?

We have a broad range of services and treatments, for further details contact Jacqui Stainthorpe on 01642 854425.

I’ve heard that NHS treatment is being cancelled due to lack of resources, does the private patient work use resources that should be used for the NHS patients instead?

No, our core purpose is to provide NHS services, the private work that we do uses spare capacity which is not being used for NHS work and additional resources paid for by the private work. In fact the private work provides vital additional income for the Trust and is used to invest in NHS services, enabling us to do more than we could do otherwise.