Being discharged from hospital

Ward staff will do their best to keep you informed about your care during your stay and this includes providing you with a date for when you should be well enough to go home.

Our aim is to give patients a planned date of discharge within 14 hours of arrival on the ward. This enables your relatives or carers to plan their visits and work out the best way to get you home on your day of discharge.

Every inpatient now has a discharge ticket home above their hospital bed which includes a planned discharge date. Obviously this date may change depending on your medical condition and progress but staff will discuss this with you.

Please feel free to ask any member of ward staff about the plans for your discharge if there is anything you are unsure of or if you have not been told about when you can go home.

On your day of discharge you could be ready to leave as early as 10am and if you are at James Cook you may be transferred to the discharge suite to wait for your prescription and transport home. The discharge suite is based near ward 29.