Is your home winter ready?

district nurse and elderly lady

Keeping your home warm to at least 18C can play a significant part in keeping you healthy, avoiding respiratory illnesses, coughs and colds.

Hypothermia is also a risk, particularly in elderly people who don’t keep their homes warm enough.

It’s advisable for the temperature in your main living area to be 21C, while other occupied rooms are 18C plus.

More advice on staying warm and well for elderly people can be found on the Age UK website

If you require adaptations to your home to enable you to stay independent and healthy during the winter months, local council agencies such as Middlesbrough’s Staying Put Agency can help.

Elderly people can also take advantage of a winter fuel payment, to enable them to meet the cost of keeping their homes warm this winter.

Local council partnerships with the local fire brigade, Teesside Age UK and energy firms such as the warm and well schemes in North Yorkshire, Redcar and Cleveland and Middlesbrough can also help with meeting the cost of additional adaptations to the home such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, weather proofing windows and doors where drafts may be getting in and more.

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