Our trust works with Middlesbrough Staying Put Agency to enable adaptations to the homes of older or disabled patients before they are discharged from hospital.

As a population we’re living longer, thanks to advances in healthcare and better awareness of how to keep ourselves healthy. That’s great news for everyone!

But when elderly people do come into hospital, they often have a number of different health conditions that need to be managed simultaneously.

Sometimes, after a period of ill health or an accident that requires hospital treatment, elderly people who previously lived quite independently suddenly require adaptations to their home to meet their ongoing care needs.

Sometimes, adaptations that would have been useful to them before their stay in hospital are identified as a result of their admission.

Independent living

That’s where the Staying Put Agency, which has a base within the social work department at The James Cook University Hospital, can help.

The service offers advice, repairs and adaptations to the homes of older, vulnerable or disabled people in the Middlesbrough area, to enable them to lead an independent lifestyle.

They can also offer advice on keeping you warm in your home and preparing your home for winter, downsizing to smaller accommodation or sheltered housing or moving to be nearer to friends and family.

The earlier they are involved in helping to meet an individual’s care needs, the better.

Trust Staff who have patients on their wards who may require adaptations to their home before they can be discharged can contact Nicola Dobson at the agency on 01642 854827.

Independent living