Accommodation and Residences - James Cook

South Tees Hospitals offer accommodation on The James Cook University Hospital site and the Friarage site.

Both sites offer long and short stay accommodation to medical students, university students, junior doctors, middle grades and consultants. On both sites we have a mixture of single rooms and family flats or houses.

Accommodation types


  • Family – two or three bed flat
  • Single long term (fully-serviced)
  • Student (fully-serviced)
  • Ad-hoc (fully-serviced)
  • Patient relative (fully-serviced)


  • Cleaning of all communal areas
  • Bedding and towels provided and laundered once per week

This accommodation is self-catered. You have access to kitchen facilities so that you can store and prepare your own meals.

Benefits of hospital accommodation

  • Cleaning service provided
  • Bedding and towels provided
  • 24 hour CCTV
  • Security patrols
  • 24 hour collection of keys
  • Administration support
  • Estates and garden services

All of our accommodation and grounds are no smoking sites.

Contact details and prices

For further information on booking rooms and availability at James Cook please contact 01642 854647 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm) or email 

Accommodation prices

  South Tees staff Other Students Deposit
Family flats Price per month (electricity is extra)  
2 bedrooms £738 £812 n/a £750
3 bedrooms £790 £869 n/a £750
Single rooms Price per month (includes all bills)  
3 sharing flat £371 £408 £400
4 sharing flat (students) n/a n/a £293 £400
Price per night  
1 night £25 £28 £25 n/a
2 to 14 consecutive nights £20 £22 £20 n/a
15 or more consecutive nights £13 £14 £13 n/a
Rooms for patients’ relatives 
1 night £25 n/a
2 to 14 consecutive nights £20 n/a
15 or more consecutive nights £13 n/a
Replacement key £50

Prices are fully inclusive of council tax, water rates, electricity, internet, TV licence in communal areas, car parking, 24 hour estates and security (please note that electricity, cleaning services and TV licences are not included for family flats).