Patients with certain types of renal stone disease respond well to lithotripsy treatment.

Lithotripsy machine

Lithotripsy is a non-invasive treatment for kidney stones; it requires no form of anaesthesia and is carried out as a day case procedure.

Previously this treatment has been offered only monthly as the hospital had to hire a lithotripsy machine for one day a month limiting treatment spaces, however, The James Cook University Hospital has recently purchased a permanent lithotripsy machine. This will enable the hospital to provide a gold star, timely treatment pathway for patients.

Patients referred into the urology department for management of stone disease will be assessed for suitability for lithotripsy treatment at the patient’s first outpatient appointment.

There is a general consensus by urology consultants, that day case lithotripsy is favoured more as a treatment than conventional surgery, as it is recognised as best practise.

This is supported as the treatment is organised and performed by a consultant endo-urologist three to four sessions weekly. We are aiming to increase out treatment availability from 126 slots per year to 630, emabling patients to be treated speedily.