Adults' Hearing

The adult hearing services is the biggest area of work in terms of the numbers of patients seen, within audiology at South Tees.

Hearing aid

The aim of adult hearing (AH) is to provide a full screening, assessment, diagnostic, hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation service for adults with hearing problems.

The AH service wants our patients to feel satisfied, comfortable and have trust in us. We continuously offer our patients the following care:

  • Adult’s hearing – care provision
  • Choose and Book direct referral hearing aid clinics at: Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar, Brotton and Northallerton. NEW REFERRALS SEEN WITHIN SIX WEEKS
  • Adult hearing assessments
  • Adult hearing aid fittings
  • In-house custom hearing aid manufacturing laboratory
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Diagnostic balance assessments and rehabilitation (described in more detail in another section)
  • Hearing and tinnitus therapy services (described in more detail in another section)
  • Cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids (described in more detail in another section)

With specially trained staff at 11 audiology clinic sites across our local area, all networked with electronic patient records and prescription data, patients can be fitted at any site and receive follow up care at any of our sites – your choice!

This includes drop in after care services where hearing aids issued by our service can be maintained and checked, in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar, Guisborough, Brotton, Northallerton and Richmond.

Our main audiology clinics are at:

  • The James Cook University Hospital
  • Friarage Hospital, Northallerton
  • University Hospital of North Tees
  • Guisborough Primary Care Hospital
  • East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital
  • Redcar Primary Care Hospital
  • Friary Hospital, Richmond
  • Lawson Street Health Centre, Stockton
  • Bedale Health Centre

Our specially trained staff include:

  • Audiologists (BSc)
  • Clinical scientists
  • Therapists (hearing/tinnitus)
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Speech language therapists
  • Admin support

Hearing aid service

The major activity of the adult hearing service is to test patients for hearing loss and if necessary fit those patients who want them, with a digital hearing aid or digital hearing aids.

In our area we have two major styles of hearing aids available to patients. These are in-the ear (ITE) and behind-the ear (BTE). This choice of style thought not unique throughout the NHS, is are and we are very fortunate to be able to provide this choice via our in house custom hearing aid manufacturing laboratory. This allows us to choose and maintain the high quality of instruments what we fit for the benefit of our patients. The laboratory also allows in house repairs such that we can get our patients repaired aids back to them within a very short space of time.

To facilitate this further, we developed an award winning drop off repair bag system for ITE wearers such that these patients do not even have to wait in our busy after care clinics to tell the audiologist their particular problems! Once these aids are dropped off in this way, the repairs are generally carried out within two working days and sent by recorded delivery to the patient’s home, along with a fresh drop off repair bag ready for the next time. This saves the patient possible car park charges or transport costs, relieve hospital car park congestion, congestion in the department and provides a much more efficient services to our patients.

If you feel that your hearing is starting to fail and you would like to access our services, please make an appointment with your GP. All our local GPs are well acquainted with the referral routes into our department and through the Choose and Book scheme you can choose from the wide variety of local sites that we cover.

Once we receive your referral into the department, all of our systems and personnel will try their best to help resolve or improve your hearing problems as efficiently and professionally as we can!