Loading and Tuning Following BCHI Surgery

Explaining the loading and tuning of BCHD

When will I receive my device?

You will receive your device three weeks after your surgery.

What happens in the fitting appointment?

The audiologist will check your implant site to ensure it is healing well and then run a test on your implant to check how stable it is. Assuming all is fine, the audiologist will tune the device to your liking and explain how it works and how to use the accessories (if applicable).

How often do I need to attend for appointments?

You will be invited for a review one to three weeks after your fitting appointment. Following this, you will be invited to annual reviews to test your hearing and adjust your device as needed. However, should you need an additional appointment please use the contact details here.

What do I do if I have any problems?

Should you have any problems with your device, please contact the department using the contact details here.

Should you have any problems with your abutment, please contact the ear, nose and throat department  reception on 01642 854033.