Back Pain Triage and Treat

We are a team of highly specialist physiotherapists and nurses with expertise in managing lower back problems. We accept referrals from your GP.

Suffering from a lower back problem?

Most people suffer from lower back problems (low back pain or lower back related leg pain) at some point in their lives. They are very common. The majority of the time it doesn’t mean actual damage to your back.

If it’s a new thing, often you don’t need to seek advice from a medic or therapist for your lower back problem. X-rays, scans and treatment are not usually needed.

Most people just need to keep moving and the pain will improve with time. Nearly all low back pain begins to fade within two weeks and settles within six weeks.

For further information see our self help webpages or visit our patient information/ educational resources.

If your lower back problem persists or you have any other symptoms (such as severe night pain, weight loss, fever, weakness in your legs causing you to trip and fall) please contact your GP.

In very rare cases lower back related problems require immediate attention.

Some of the warning signs of one such problem called cauda equina syndrome include:

  • Loss of feeling/pins and needles between your inner thighs or genitals.
  • Altered sensation and/or pain consistently in both legs at the same time.
  • Numbness in or around your back passage or buttocks.
  • Changes to bladder function, such as loss of sensation, loss of control or an inability to empty your bladder.
  • Sexual problems such as loss of vaginal sensation and inability to achieve an erection or ejaculate.

If you experience any of the above contact your GP or NHS 111 immediately.

For further information see our cauda equina syndrome webpage.