Feedback and Success Rates

Success rates

While the programme does not claim to provide a cure for your back pain, following the course we would expect a significant proportion of those who have attended to feel much more able to cope with their symptoms, feel able to participate and resume activities that they have stopped, some may even be able to reduce their dependency on high levels of medication and as a result be able to live more fulfilling lives.
The benefits and feedback we have received from people who have attended the course is very high.

  • 79% rated they were extremely likely to recommend the programme to friends and family
  • 89% rated themselves as seeing improvement in themselves
  • 81% rated an improved ability to cope with their pain
  • 68% saw an improvement in pain levels by the end of the programme

The measures we use to assess the effectiveness of the course show significant improvements in pain, disability, physical function, mental function and overall health. A reduction in the use of medication has been seen alongside a reduced frequency in visiting health professionals in relation to back problems after the course.

Patient feedback

  • “I’m doing things I haven’t done for a long time; it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”
  • “Extremely useful programme that has highlighted my own barriers to promoting positive back behaviour.”
  • “Being away from home was the best thing; you have time to reflect on your past, present and future.”
  • “I feel more able to manage my pain and not be fearful of it. Another positive is that I’ve managed to reduce my medication by nearly half.”
  • “It has changed my can’ts and my won’ts into I can and I will.”

Areas improved

  • Patients have reported improvements in lifestyle including:
  • Medicine reduction
  • Sleeping better
  • Giving up smoking
  • Improving ability to stay at work
  • Family and friends relationships improving
  • An improved level of physical activity beyond what they thought they would be capable of
  • Confidence in themselves moving forwards with life