Improving Patient Care

The aim of the radiotherapy and oncology centre is to ensure the provision of prompt, efficient and accurate delivery of treatment and care to patients leading to a cure where achievable and to the relief of symptoms and improved quality of life.

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The directorate of radiotherapy and oncology is committed to the promotion of excellence in the cost-effective exploitation of technology and holistic care for the benefit of patients, their relatives and friends.

We will strive to meet measures set out in the NHS “Manual of Cancer Services Standards.”

Patients who attend the directorate of radiotherapy and oncology have many anxieties concerning their illness and the treatment they are to receive. The staff working here are very much aware of the fears that patients and their relatives/carers have and the support that is needed during the patient’s treatment.

Patient charter

  1.  All patients who attend the department of radiotherapy and oncology will be greeted by a member of staff on arrival
  2.  All patients will be given an explanation of any delays incurred
  3. All patients will be provided with information and reassurance appropriate to their needs about the procedures they are to undertake
  4. All patients will have their privacy and dignity maintained at all times. Information will be given to patients in a place, which respects their need for privacy.
  5. All patients will be reviewed by a member of the oncology team during their course of treatment
  6. All patients will be provided with a contact number to use for queries and advice during and after treatment.
  7. Members of staff will be aware of their statutory obligations including issues of health and safety, risk management, clinical governance, IR(ME)R and IRR.

This charter is reviewed on an annual basis taking into account results of patient satisfaction surveys, comments from patient focus groups and any changes in practice.

Quality Management System (QMS)

The radiotherapy department at The James Cook University Hospital has been operating a quality management system since 1996.

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It was one of the first radiotherapy departments in the country to adopt such a system, following government recommendations.

The scope of the system has since been extended to include patients receiving chemotherapy; the system now covers the whole of the radiotherapy and oncology directorate on the James Cook Hospital site and associated radiotherapy physics activities.

The system is registered with and monitored by BSI; the first and still one of the largest National Standards bodies in the world. BSI has achieved Business Superbrands listing, so we feel that our QMS registration is in good hands.

As part of the registration, we have 3 days of assessment per year when a BSI representative visits to assess our compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. At each visit different areas of the directorate are assessed so that over a period of 3 years the whole scope of our activity is covered from patient referral, treatment planning, treatment and clinic visits.

The QMS helps us to deliver a consistently high standard of service to patients and promotes continual improvement of our service. Associated documentation helps to guide and educate staff.

The ISO 9001:2008 standard is the world’s most established quality framework, being used by over 1 million organisations worldwide. It helps to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement. It puts great emphasis on seeking feedback from service users and using that information to further improve the service delivery.

National surveys

Your views are extremely important to us and over the next few months as a cancer patient of South Tees NHS Foundation Trust you may receive a questionnaire from a company called Quality Health asking about your experiences as a patient.

If you have the time please complete the questionnaire and return it in the envelope provided. South Tees values your comments and works with the cancer teams to improve your experience based on the feedback we receive.

You said we did

  • You said the Travel Link office is out of the way and inaccessible – We  moved the Travel Link office onto the main mall at James Cook
  •  You said the portion sizes and the presentation of food is poor on the oncology ward – Snacks are now bite size portions and crockery has been changed. This includes the introduction of smaller plates.