Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic

The rapid access chest pain clinic (RACPC) at The James Cook University Hospital has a daily service dedicated to patients with recent onset chest pain (within 12 weeks) where cardiac origin is likely or suspected.

North entrance James Cook Hospital

Patients can be referred to the service by their GP or via the accident and emergency (A&E) department or acute admissions unit (AAU).

Referrals should be made via the Choose & Book System using the RACPC proforma or emailed directly to cardiac investigations unit stees.CIUadmin@nhs.net within 24 hours.

Individuals referred will be contacted by phone, usually within one working day and offered an appointment within 14 days of referral. Patients referred by the Choose and Book system will usually have selected their own appointment.

The RACPC is a nurse-led service. During clinic attendance, which lasts for 40-60 minutes, patients will be seen by the nurse, a history will be taken of their symptoms and physical examination performed. An exercise tolerance test may be required; this depends on the nature of symptoms and the patient’s ability to carry out the test.

Following this, a treatment plan will be formulated in conjunction with the patient. Prescribing / issuing of medication will be performed as necessary, but this will mainly be the remit of the GP.

Treatment plans will be posted to the GP and patient within one working day of clinic attendance. Patients requiring angiogram/angiography will be given a date for the procedure and pre-admitted during their attendance at RACPC to ensure waiting times for procedures are kept to a minimum.

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