Patient Feedback

The CFS/ME team is committed to delivering a high quality service and we therefore regularly ask our patients to comment on their experience with us.  Below is a selection of the feedback we have received:

“Staff were empathetic and supportive”

“Supportive, understanding and very helpful”

“I now feel strong enough to say no and prioritise my needs”

“The service has helped me to recognise I should not feel guilty about not doing more than I am capable of”

“Friendly, helpful, informative and supportive”

“Although I have had ME for a long time (10+ years), there is still an awful lot I have learned from the service”

“It was great to be somewhere that listened, understood and believed your symptoms”

“I have learnt the strategies to manage my condition and I am putting these into practice”

“I am more active than before accessing the service”

“The service has given me the tools to move forward and has improved my quality of life”

“It’s the best service in the Teesside area for CFS/ME and I have gained a huge amount from the clinic”

“The service helped expand my knowledge of the condition and ways to manage and cope”

“I always left my sessions feeling uplifted, even if my circumstances weren’t uplifting”

“It was excellent, I can really recommend it”

“It makes a huge difference to be treated by doctors and therapists who take time to listen and not judge”

“I have improved so much.  I am leading a more normal life and having to cancel fewer plans and enjoy more”

“I could talk comfortably and air my concerns.  All my questions were answered which reassured me”

“Listened and caring”