Children's respiratory services

Inhaler information for patients who have asthma

The company (Chiesi) that makes Clenil modulate inhalers (Beclometasone) has informed us that there may be some changes in the appearance of the 100mcg strength inhaler. These batches are likely to come into circulation from 11 May 2020.

The only difference is the appearance of the inhaler. The strength / prescription is the same.

Different variation inhaler

100mcg Beclometasone

Beige and yellow

Not embossed

No dose indicator

Regular batch inhaler

100mcg Beclometasone

Brown and beige


Dose indicator


Patients/caregivers are advised to check the dosage on the labelling on the package and the canister

  • Keep a track of the date you start your inhaler. Each Clenil 100mcg inhaler (both types) contains 200 doses of medication so if an inhaler is used as two puffs twice a day, this means the inhaler will last for over a month.
  • All strengths of Clenil and the new batch inhaler can be used with a Volumatic® Spacer Device.
  • Clean their inhaler once a week as usual, referring to the package leaflet for cleaning instructions.