Information for Parents and Young People

Your child’s journey through James Cook

Paediatric surgery recovery

Your doctor will have referred your child up to see one of the surgeons in the outpatients paediatric clinic. If it is deemed that surgery is necessary, the surgeon will provide you with information related to the operation and may well give you an operation date at that time.

Some surgeons will take you through the full consent process and send you and your child up to the children’s surgical day unit for pre-assessment on the same day as that clinic.

There are many benefits of attending the unit prior to the day of surgery. A thorough medical and nursing history is taken and your child’s pulse, blood pressure, temperature and breathing rate are checked. Any potential medical, nursing or social issues may be identified with plenty of time to rectify them pre-surgery.

You and your child will get a chance to see this child-focused ward environment, meet the ward nurses, who may well be looking after them before and after surgery, and also to provide you with more information on the specific procedure that is planned for your child.

Waiting area

Included in this information will be the full child’s journey from admission prior to the operation to his/her discharge.

You will be given advice regarding any pain relief that may be needed afterwards, the time off school that may be required and to highlight any issues with transport.

The majority of paperwork will be undertaken at this time which will speed up the whole process on the day of surgery.

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