Clinical Psychology

The clinical and health psychology service based at The James Cook University Hospital provides a service to a wide range of individuals across the age range in a number of specialist clinical areas.

South entrance James Cook Hospital

This includes people with long term health problems and other serious medical conditions. As well as working with individuals we also aim to provide help to relatives and carers.

We work alongside other professionals in multidisciplinary teams in order to look at all aspects of an individual’s care, helping people adjust to medical problems and promote wellbeing. We see both inpatients and outpatients following a referral from their consultant.

The department is also involved in a number of research projects and we take an active part in the training of other health professionals.

Who we are

The psychology team comprises of clinical psychologists, clinical neuropsychologists, assistant psychologists and trainee clinical psychologists.

Head of service – Dr Donald Brechin, consultant clinical neuropsychologist

Where we work

Psychological input is currently provided within the following clinical specialisms in The James Cook University Hospital:

  • Adult pain management services
  • Paediatric pain management team
  • Adult neuropsychologyclinical psychology
  • Adult neuro-oncology
  • Cancer services
  • Paediatric neuropsychology
  • Regional spinal injuries service
  • HIV/infectious diseases
  • Diabetes medicine
  • Renal medicine
  • Specialist weight management service
  • Paediatric cystic fibrosis
  • Regional burns and plastics
  • Stroke
  • Rheumatology
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Palliative care

Contact details

For any queries contact Mrs Emma Sheehan – secretary 01642 854123