Diabetes Service helped me lose 15 Stone

Stephen Merrel, 59, has been using the community diabetes service for the past 10 years, not only has the service helped to keep his diabetes under control but it has also helped him shed an astonishing 15 stone.

Stephen Merrel

The advice he received over the years about the effects of diet on diabetes meant that as he started to eat healthier the weight began to fall off.

Thanks to the weightloss Stephen, who lives in Saltburn, now has a much healthier lifestyle and no longer needs to use insulin, taking just tablets for his diabetes.

Stephen said: “The community diabetes service is great. They gave me advice and really boosted my confidence.

“I felt a heck of a lot better when I started seeing the nurses. They are always able to answer my questions and refer me to other services if I need it.

“Thanks to the weightloss and coming off insulin I am able to go abroad which I never could. I’ve never felt better but I’ve spent a fortune buying new clothes!”

Stephen now sees a diabetes nurse specialist every six months to check his blood sugar levels and blood pressure and to talk about anything that he is worried about.