Continence Service

We provide a comprehensive, specialist continence service to adults and children of all ages.

Continence examination

We treat patients who live in and are registered with GPs in the boroughs of Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Hambleton and Richmondshire.

We provide assessment, treatment and management of continence problems to meet individual needs. Our philosophy is based on the promotion of continence at all times.

Clients who come to see us may have problems with wetting during the day, being unable to wait to use the toilet, having to use the toilet very often, wetting during the night, waking frequently to use the toilet at night, difficulty getting to the toilet (adults only), repeated urine infections (adults only), problems with toilet training due to disability (children only), bowel problems or constipation.

What happens during the appointment?

We discuss the continence problem in depth, we will take a full history, we advise on fluid intake and we will test a fresh sample of urine. We will also undertake a bladder scan to ensure that the bladder is being emptied. If required we will undertake an internal examination with informed consent. We are happy for you to bring a relative or friend as a chaperone if you feel this would be best for you.

We ask that everyone attending clinic completes a three day fluid and voiding chart to enable us assess fluid intake and urinary frequency.