Audit Results for Adult Critical Care

A national audit for adult critical care has highlighted the good work being carried out in the trust’s intensive care units.

ICNARC, the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre, has – for the first time – made public its case mix programme (CMP) annual quality report which compares mortality rates in similar intensive care units at hospitals across the country.

Both The James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage Hospital had lower mortality rates than most units nationally, which means that fewer critically ill people died in intensive care than would have been expected given how dangerously ill they were, and their age and health of the population the hospitals serve.

Consultant intensive care doctor and clinical director for critical care Dr Stephen Bonner, below, said: “These results show that fewer patients in intensive care at the trust died than would have been expected given the age and health of the population we serve. Indeed these results demonstrate that we are amongst the very best units in the country in how many patients survive life-threatening illness.

“Caring for people who are seriously ill has become a large and complex part of healthcare and requires many specialist skills to ensure we provide the best possible care for some of our most sickest – and vulnerable – patients. The outcomes are excellent and reflect the work and professionalism of our entire team.”

Acting chief executive Professor Tricia Hart added: “Patient safety is our number one priority and these rates are an absolute testament to the skill, expertise, leadership and commitment of the fantastic teams working in our intensive care and high dependency units, often under great pressure.”

There are 32 criticalcare beds (16 intensive care beds for ventilated patients and 16 general high dependency beds) at The James Cook University Hospital and six combined intensive care / high dependency beds at the Friarage Hospital.

For further details of the report visit the ICNARC website