The department provides specialist services for adult (and some adolescent) patients with  a wide range of endocrine problems, including thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pituitary diseases.

There is a joint pituitary clinic where patients are seen by a consultant endocrinologist and a consultant neurosurgeon. There are services for men with erectile dysfunction.

The James Cook University Hospital

  • General endocrinology clinics
  • Pregnancy clinics
  • Young persons’ clinics
  • CSII pump clinics
  • Cardiovascular risk clinics
  • Joint pituitary clinics
  • Nurse-led erectile dysfunction clinics

Friarage Hospital

  • General endocrinology clinics
  • Pregnancy clinics
  • Adolescent clinics (jointly with a consultant paediatrician)
  • Young adult clinics
  • Erectile dysfunction services (jointly with clinical psychology)

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