Anaemia Treatment

It is common for patients with kidney disease to become anaemic.

There are a variety of treatments available to treat anaemia caused by kidney problems. These include vitamin supplements (eg iron & folic acid tablets and vitamin B12 injections), iron infusions (given through a drip) and injections which simulate the action of the naturally occuring hormone erythropoietin (ESAs, sometimes called EPO).

If you are anaemic, your kidney consultant will carry out some tests and recommend the most appropriate form of anaemia treatment for you.  The vast majority of our patients who require anaemia treatment will receive this as an outpatient.

Our anaemia speciaist nurse, sister Debbie Slimings, coordinates our anaemia treatment service. Sister Slimings is able to see and treat patients in the renal day unit at The James Cook University Hospital and also in a clinic which is held at Darlington Memorial Hospital. Many patients will also be able to receive their anaemia treatment at home.