Head and neck surgery

Head and Neck surgery covers the treatment of a wide range of benign and cancer conditions in the head and neck.

The North East Head and Neck Cancer Unit is based at The James Cook University Hospital and is the largest multi-disciplinary team treating head and neck cancer in the North of England.

Follow the link to find out more about Head and Neck cancer treatment – North East Head and Neck Cancer Unit.

Benign conditions

We have a large team that deals with problems of

  • swallowing
  • saliva glands
  • benign neck lumps and cysts
  • voice problems

Working with speech and language therapists to look after your voice and swallowing, we can help you deal with problems through surgery and through therapy.

Cancer treatment

Part of the North East Head and Neck Cancer Unit, the ENT head and neck team treat all types of head and neck cancer.
If you have worries about the following types of cancer, your GP can refer you for investigation:

  • throat and tonsils
  • voice box
  • nose and sinuses
  • saliva glands
  • neck

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