PEG Information for Patients

A PEG tube is a feeding tube which passes through the abdominal wall into the stomach so that feed, water and medication can be given directly without the need to swallow.

They are placed to assist individuals through cancer treatments and also for other medical conditions such as MND, neurological problems and MS where swallowing may be difficult.

If you are having problems or need advice regarding your PEG please contact the PEG nurses below:

PEG nurses:

  • Sister Laura Simons – 01642 854845
  • Sister Nicola Plews – 01642 854845
  • Sister Lucy Reed – 01642 854845

8am to 8pm Monday to Friday

Nutrition nurses:

  • Jo McGachan – 0845 7623654

9am to 4pm Monday to Friday

Help with PEG problems

If a PEG nurse is unavailable and your PEG tube has become displaced you need to attend endoscopy (in hours) or A&E (out of hours) without delay and bring spare PEG tube with you.

If your balloon has burst, tape the PEG down to stomach securely and attend as above.

If you need advice out of hours please ring ward 6 on 01642 854506 who can direct you to appropriate area.