Stephen’s Story

Stephen Woodrow

When Stephen Woodrow got an infection in his toes the vascular team had to act fast to save the dad-of-two from losing his leg.

As a diabetic Stephen, 60, has always been at risk of circulation problems, but he was urgently referred to James Cook when an infection in his toes started to spread.

Stephen was suffering from poor blood flow and vascular disease. He had to have three toes removed and was given an angioplasty, a procedure which involved opening his artery using a balloon to improve his blood supply.

“I started to get swelling on my foot and they were worried about septicaemia,” said Stephen.

“It happened so quickly but the surgeon was very good. He told me he effectively saved my leg. The care I have received at James Cook has been excellent.

“They have said that in a couple of months I won’t even notice I have lost my toes as I will just walk on the ball of my foot.

“Before the operation I could not stand or walk about but it’s going to be smashing now. I’m just happy that I will still be able to drive my motor home!”

Vascular surgeon Andrew Parry said: “Early prevention and detection is key, and all diabetics should regularly attend for foot checks with specialist podiatrists.”