Risks of Smoking

Smoking is very bad for you and your health and can increase your risk of serious or often fatal diseases. Below is a list of harmful conditions which can be caused due to smoking.

  • Premature death – smoking can take up to 10-16 years off your life expectancy
  • Cancer – Smoking is well known for causing lung cancer but it can also cause throat cancer, cancer of the oesophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas
  • Pneumonia – A potentially fatal condition which causes the lungs to become inflamed
  • Cerebrovascular disease – When smoking it can cause damage to the arteries which supply blood to the brain which can lead to heart failure
  • Buerger’s disease – This is a very serious condition which affects your blood circulation and causes your veins and arteries to close
  • Angina- Chest pains caused by the lack of oxygen to the heart
  • Peripheral vascular disease – Damage to the blood vessels
  • Macular degeneration – Damage to the retina which can eventually cause blindness
  • Impotence – Smoking increases the risk of impotence by directly affecting the arteries and veins that supply blood to the penis
  • Infertility – Both men and women
  • Skin wrinkling – Smoking speeds up the ageing process and can affect the collagen in the skin
  • Osteoporosis – A condition which makes bones weak and brittle
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – Is a condition which causes obstruction to the lungs due to the effects of smoking