Natal Hypnotherapy Workshops

Natal Hypnotherapy™ is a wonderful way of preparing for birth.

Founded by Maggie Howell,  Natal Hypnotherapy™  teaches women to overcome fear through focusing on relaxation techniques to help you feel calm, in control and fully prepared for the birth of your child.

Sue Symonds with Claire Marron and Alfie“Natal Hypnotherapy™ is about understanding how the body’s working and how you can help it,” said Sue Symonds, community midwife.

“Fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on your body during birth but the self-hypnosis can help reduce this. It’s about learning how to achieve that deeply relaxed state of mind.”

Relaxation sessions

By coming to a relaxation session you will benefit from learning and practicing the key elements, which will help you have a better birth.

Relaxation sessions are ran over four weeks for an hour a week and help you to learn how to use hypnosis to enhance your birth experience.

Delivery Suite midwife and qualified Natal Hypnotherapy™ practitioner Lynsey Currie guides each group through their four week course and also holds postnatal reunion groups. Each week sessions change and focus on different pregnancy issues.

Relaxation sessions are only £5 per session.

Relaxation sessions (214kb)
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To reserve a place on either full day workshops or relaxation sessions contact Lynsey Currie, midwife and Natal Hypnotherapy™ practitioner on central delivery suite on 01642 854881.