Comments from mums

“I was so terrified of pregnancy and birth that I put off starting a family for many years. The natal hypnotherapy workshops helped me enjoy my pregnancy and kept me calm throughout, especially in the last few weeks before the birth.”

“They gave me the tools to keep calm and feel in control. I used the aromatherapy service in the latter stages of my pregnancy as a tool to help me keep as calm and relaxed as possible.”

“Accessing aromatherapy and natal hypnotherapy gave me the skills and confidence to truly believe I had the strength to birth my baby naturally. Everyone told me I’d need pain relief and whilst I continued to be open minded I had a 6 hour labour with no pain relief, and have a perfect baby.”

“I was fully prepared of the stages of labour, and had lots of strategies to manage the contractions. The power of relaxation and the mind is an amazing thing!”

Comments from partners

“The workshops opened my mind and provided me with lots of different ways of helping my partner to remain relaxing and in control in labour. I used massage, affirmations, triggers and visualisations techniques to help her stay calm.”

“As a birth partner it gave me the confidence to go into the delivery suite knowing what was going to happen, and that I knew I could help my partner.”