Wellbeing information and advice

Advice and information on health and wellbeing for mums-to-be in the South Tees area.

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Diet & Activity

There are many important but easy things you can do to be as healthy as possible and by following the advice below you can lower your risk of complications during pregnancy, labour and after you have had your baby. Tips and advice for anyone planning a pregnancy are also included because leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to start a pregnancy and stay healthy throughout motherhood.

Stopping Smoking

Protecting your baby from smoke is essential during pregnancy. Visit this webpage to learn more about smoking and pregnancy.

Mental Health

There is more to being healthy then being physically well. How you think, feel and the way you see yourself can all influence your wellbeing. At South Tees we have a Perinatal Mental Health Team to support women currently experiencing or who have a history of mental health problems.

Flu & Immunisations

Pregnant women are at increased risk of getting complications from flu, compared to other healthy adults. Flu can also be serious for new born babies, who can catch the infection from their mothers.

Newborn Health

Some of the most common newborn health problems are discussed below. If you have any other questions about the health of your baby please ring the advice line.

Health During Pregnancy

Some of the most common questions you might have about your health during pregnancy. If you have any other questions about your health please ring the advice line.

Health After Pregnancy

The birth of a baby brings about lots of emotional and physical changes. On this page we try to describe some of the most common questions or concerns women can have after childbirth. If you have any other questions please ring the advice line on 01642 854876 for The James Cook University Hospital or 01609 763082 for The Friarage.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can take the form of physical violence, emotional, financial and sexual abuse. If you are experiencing domestic abuse whether its new or has been happening for a long time, help and support is available to you. You can tell any midwife, your GP, health visitor or get help, support and advice from the following organisations: Harbour - 03000 20 25 25, National Helpline for Domestic Abuse - 0808 2000 247 or My Sisters Place - 01642 241864.