Marton Suite - Midwife-Led Unit

Marton Suite is the midwife-led low risk Maternity Unit based at The James Cook University Hospital.  This is the only alongside midwife-led unit in the Teesside, Darlington and Durham area. This means that the Marton Suite is next to the consultant unit, in the same building, and therefore, if the need arises, transfer is possible very quickly.

The benefits of birthing on Marton Suite

  • Individual midwife-led care with experienced, enthusiastic midwives
  • Increased chance of having a normal birth with less intervention
  • Waterbirth encouraged and supported
  • Good option if you do not want homebirth, but do not need an obstetric unit
  • All services close by in consultant unit if required
  • Birthing partner stays throughout
  • Early discharge where appropriate and requested

Low dependency labour and early postnatal care at The James Cook University Hospital are provided on Marton Suite in a safe, homely environment.  Marton Suite offers holistic, family-centred care for women assessed as low risk.  Women are respected and supported throughout labour, birth and the early postnatal period, leading to more successful mother and baby bonding.  The aim is to provide evidence based care following approved local guidelines in order that care is individualised to women and their families.

The environment promotes and supports the normal process of childbirth and empowers and encourages women to take control.  This is associated with greater satisfaction with the birth process and this positively influences the long-term health and well-being of women and their families.

Philosophy of Marton Suite


Objectives of the low dependency unit

  • To provide holistic, individualised care developed in partnership with the woman and her partner to enhance their birth experience and satisfaction and facilitate early return to the family unit.
  • To optimise continuity of care and carer throughout childbirth and the initial postnatal period.
  • To fully utilise the role of the midwife in normal childbirth and avoid duplication and fragmentation of care.
  • To provide care which is based on current evidence based practice emphasising normality and minimising intervention.

What does midwife-led mean and who can use the unit?

If you are pregnant and have no complications then you can labour and birth your baby on Marton Suite with our experienced and committed midwives.

The midwife will be the lead professional for your stay on Marton Suite.  She will greet you on admission and care for you throughout your labour.  Postnatally she will support you in your feeding choice for your baby and complete a newborn examination on your baby and a postnatal check on you before discharging you home.

Our midwives are supported by a team of assistant midwifery practitioners whose role is to work alongside the midwife to facilitate care for both you and your baby.

What does Marton Suite offer?

Marton Suite has seven rooms which are all en-suite with a large bath with shower facilities. All rooms also have a bed settee as we encourage partners to stay with you are all times.

There are two inflatable birthing pools and an active birth room too. You will have access to birthing aides such as birthing balls, beanbags, mats and birthing stools.  These will aide you to adopt comfortable positions during labour and birth to promote normality.

Postnatal care is also provided on Marton Suite for a maximum of 24 hours after the birth.  Midwives and assistant midwifery practitioners support you during this time with promoting your own well-being and supporting you and your partner to care for your newborn baby.

If you have any questions about Marton Suite please speak to your community midwife in the first instance.

We look forward to welcoming you to our unit.