Postnatal and Transitional Care Ward

General information

Welcome to the postnatal and transitional care ward. Our aim is to provide individualised care for you and your baby, supporting you in your transition into parenthood.  We are always here to help you– please just ask us.

Can my birthing partner stay with me?

To help promote a family bonding and a positive postnatal experience you may wish to have your partner or a nominated companion stay with you during your admission on Ward 17. Your visitor should only stay if they feel able to provide you and your newborn with additional support. Your visitor will be provided with a chair but will need to make their own arrangements for meals and comfort items e.g. pillow/blanket. Your named midwife will discuss your companion staying to ensure they feel able to adhere to our guidance to ensure the safety and privacy for all patients.

Birth partners are welcome to bring a pillows, blankets, food & drink and are provided with a chair to sleep on. We ask you kindly to follow our rules (i.e. not getting into patient bed or sleeping on the floor) to ensure the safety and privacy of the new mums on the ward and staff.

Transitional care

Neonatal Transitional Care (NTC) supports keeping mothers and babies together. It enables babies who have additional care requirements to be looked after by their mother with the support from the midwifery and neonatal team. If your baby requires NTC your named midwife will discuss your baby’s individual care needs. Families who are admitted to the NTC area within the postnatal ward will generally require an extended stay (on average three to five days).

Relocation to transitional care will occur if your baby is:

  • Preterm
  • Has a low birth weight (below 2.5kg)
  • Requiring any observations, medications, investigations or treatment
  • Preparing to go home following an admission to the neonatal unit

All staff members are fully trained and here to support you with your cares. We aim to avoid unnecessary separation of you and your baby.

Your baby’s individual care plan should be explained to you by your midwife or the neonatal team, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Your baby will be reviewed by the neonatal team (in the green uniform), they will make the decisions regarding your baby’s care plan and discharge date. The protocols that we have in place are for your baby’s health and well being. We are happy to explain these protocols to you and your family.

Postnatal discharge

We will always aim to discharge you in a safe and timely manner. We understand that you are keen to go home with your new baby. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be discharged as quickly as you would hope for a variety of reasons. If you have any questions about your length of stay, please ask your midwife

Following discharge midwifery care is transferred to the community midwifery service. Any questions in between visits from your midwife are welcomed via the maternity advice line.

Telephone line: 01642 854517