Clinical photography prices for private patient referrals start at £45+VAT.

Please contact us for further information on our prices.

Please ensure that patient referrals include suitable invoice details.

Mole surveillance

We are also able to offer a service where we provide you with ‘mole mapping’ photographs for monitoring purposes.

Please note – we only accept referrals for mole mapping from qualified healthcare professionals and cannot accept direct patient referrals. It is the responsibility of the requestor to review the clinical photographs and monitor the patient’s moles.

Prices include the following:

    • Full body mole map: Photographs of the full body in 54 sections £125+VAT
    • Upper body mole map: Photographs of the upper body in 34 sections £80+VAT
    • Lower body mole map: Photographs of the lower body in 20 sections £60+VAT

Mole close-ups with dermoscopy:

  • 1-5 moles £40+VAT
  • 6-10 moles £60+VAT
  • 11-15 moles £80+VAT