Conditions We Are Happy To See

MSK clinic South Tees Hospitals

Shoulders – Pain, limitation of movement, clicking with pain, frozen shoulders, injuries, early/moderate arthritis.

Elbows – Pain, tennis/golfers elbow, swelling, early arthritis.

Hands/wrists – Wrist and hand pains, trigger fingers/thumb, early or mild carpal tunnel symptoms, early or moderate arthritis.

Hips – Pain, clicking with pain, early arthritis, groin pain/sprain.

Knees  – Pain, swelling, clicking with pain, giving way, loss of function, house maids knee, early/moderate arthritis.

Foot/ankle – Pain in your ankle, heel, foot and toes, achilles tendon pain, early/moderate arthritis, and problems with walking and activities.

Please note we do not accept children under the age of 18 years and people with spinal problems eg neck and back problems.