What Happens During an Appointment?

You will have an appointment lasting up to 45 minutes with one or more of the clinicians in the service.

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A full assessment of your problem will be made during your consultation to determine a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. This will include:

  •  Information from you and your referral letter about your symptoms
  •  A thorough physical examination of the area
  • Other tests that may be necessary: x-rays, blood tests or referral for scans.

Please bring a list of your current medications.

Please wear appropriate clothing to your appointment to allow examination of the affected area eg shorts for a knee problem or a vest top for a shoulder problem.

  • Your diagnosis will be explained carefully to you.
  • You will have time to discuss this with your practitioner.
  • Advice on management of your problem and choices of treatment to suit you will be explained and discussed in detail.
  • Exercise and rehabilitation programmes may be given if required, information and exercise sheets will also be provided.
  • Supports may be fitted to suit you if appropriate.
  • Injections if required may be given during your appointment.
  • Referral on for further treatment may be made if appropriate and if you wish to consider further help eg physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, orthotics department or to pain management for further help with medication.
  • Referral to orthopaedics or another relevant speciality – rheumatology, neurology may be made if surgery or consultant opinion is recommended and you wish to consider this option.