Fundraising and Donating

There are many ways to help those affected by MND and just two of the many are through fundraising and donating.

Either by getting involved yourself by organising your own fundraisers or joining in with events going on in the local area or simply by donating to an MND fund.

MND team ice bucket challenge


The MND Association organises many events throughout the year, which you, your family and friends can become involved in. They are organised internationally, nationally and more locally to raise much needed awareness of MND and funds to support those affected by this disease.

To find out more about events taking place organised by the MND Association go to:

Events are also organised by the MND local support branches and by local people affected by MND and more information can be found at:


You can donate online by clicking below:
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You can also donate to the MND care centre by sending a cheque, postal order or charity cheque made payable to South Tees Hospitals Charity, MND Fund H114 to:

MND Care Centre
Dept. of Neurology
Murray Building
The James Cook University Hospital

Or you can make a donation in person at the charitable funds centre at James Cook Hospital or the cashiers office at Friarage Hospitals. For other ways to donate to the MND care centre please contact the care centre coordinator on 01642 854318.

Alternatively you can donate to the following:

MND Association by contacting the MND fundraising team on:
Tel: 01604 611860

MND Cleveland Branch by contacting Luke Rutter on
Tel: 07807 559313
Web: or