MND Association


The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) is the largest charitable organisation supporting people affected by MND across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Their aim is to ensure that people affected by MND, their families and carers secure the appropriate care and support that they require.

Middlesbrough MND care centre has two regional care development advisers (RCDAs) whose role is to work closely with local health and social care commissioners to develop better services and to educate professionals about MND to improve care and provide support and advice to all those directly affected by MND.

The MNDA offers a range of services nationally and locally including:

  • MND connect – This national helpline provides information, confidential advice and support on all aspects of MND.
  • Local association visitors – These are trained volunteers who visit, telephone, write to or email those affected by MND.
  • Website – Providing comprehensive information on all issues relating to MND
  • Local branches and support groups – Volunteers providing information, social and emotional support to those affected by MND

MNDA contacts

MND connect: 0808 802 6262 or email
Colin Pearson – RCDA (all TS postcodes & North Yorkshire): 08453 751837
Jenny James – RCDA (Darlington, Durham & Dales): 08453 751820