Research: Getting involved with research projects and clinical trials

Here at the Middlesbrough MND care centre we are asked on a regular basis about research projects and clinical trials, how it affects people living with MND and how those people affected by MND can become involved.

Although Middlesbrough MND care centre is not a MND research centre we work very closely with our neighbouring care centres to allow people affected by MND access to clinical trials and to research projects designed to improve understanding of the disease.

Get involved in research

There are a number of ways to get involved in MND research, from tissue donation to questionnaire-based studies.

To find out more,  see what research projects are currently under way or to register your interest in research contact the MNDA Research Development team or visit their website:

Tel: 01604 611812

To find out more about research projects and clinical trials at Sheffield MND care & research centre visit:

Tissue donation

People with MND and healthy individuals can make a vital contribution towards research by donating their brain and spinal cord tissue after their death.

Tissue is a word used for a collection of specialised cells within the human body that perform specific jobs and researches investigating MND are particularly interested in the brain and spinal cord to investigate the causes of MND and its symptoms. Researches believe the vital clue into combating this disease may lay within the brain and spinal cord.

To read more about tissue donation click below:

Read more about tissue donation (206kb)
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To find out more or If you would like to discuss research projects, clinical trials or tissue donation in greater detail contact the Middlesbrough MND care centre directly, discuss this at your next MND clinic appointment or alternatively you can contact the MND Association research team on:

Tel: 01604 611880