South Tees Wheelchair Service

What we do

  • Our service provides clinical assessment for the provision and supply of manual and powered wheelchairs to residents of Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland with permanent mobility impairment.
  • We may also assess and provide special seating, postural and pressure care equipment for use with wheelchairs supplied by the service.
  • Equipment may be trialled and options for provision discussed, taking into account clinical and functional issues plus service criteria and funding restrictions on certain types of equipment provision.
  • We follow North East Specialised Commissioning Group Regionally Agreed Criteria (2008) for the assessment and provision of any wheelchairs and equipment.
  • If you are supplied with a wheelchair you will be provided with information about how to look after it.
  • Should you have any problems with your wheelchair repairs and adjustments can be carried out.
  • Details of this service will be provided when your wheelchair is issued. We have a collection and delivery service.

Getting to the Disablement Services Centre

Disablement Services Centre entrance

The wheelchair service is situated in the Disablement Services Centre.

The centre is a separate building situated near to the spinal injuries unit at The James Cook University Hospital.

For details on how to get to James Cook click here

Disablement Services Centre opening hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8.30am to 4.30pm

The wheelchair team

This consultant-led team will work with you and your family or carers to make decisions about your care and to ensure that your needs are met.

The team includes:

  • administration staff
  • rehabilitation engineers
  • service manager
  • therapists and therapy assistants

Contact details

Appointments (wheelchair and prosthetics)

  • 01642 835553

Wheelchair enquiries

  • 01642 854127
  • 01642 854202