Radio aids, wireless accessories and environmental aids for children

This page provides information regarding radio aids, wireless accessories and environmental aids for children.

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Radio Aids
Wireless Accessories
Environmental Aids for older children/teenagers

Radio Aids

When your child is at nursery or school they will most likely be provided with an FM system or radio aid. This equipment is primarily funded by the education system. This may be newly issued to your child or they may already have been using one with their hearing aids.

An FM system/radio aid is a small wireless receiver device that attaches to your child’s processor in order for them to receive signals from a transmitter which is worn by the teacher. This helps improve the clarity of the teacher’s voice so it may be heard better over the level of other children in the classroom (also known as improving the ‘signal to noise ratio’). Depending on which processor your child has, the FM system/radio aid will work automatically or we may need to add a separate programme to enable its usage. Your Audiologist will be able to advise you on this.

Different processors will be compatible with different FM/radio aids. When your child is ready to receive an FM/Radio aid, your child’s Teacher of the Deaf should contact us in order to find out which device your school will need to order. The table below also shows which FM system/Radio aid should be compatible with each processor.

Wireless Accessories

Currently, you will have been offered to choose one wireless accessory either when you chose your child’s processor kit or soon after their switch-on. These wireless accessories aim to improve the signal to noise ratio for use at home or during play activities or group/sport lessons. The accessories offered will have depended upon which company you have chosen.


You will have been asked to choose one of the following:

  • Mini mic
  • TV Link
  • Phone Clip

Advanced Bionics

Compilot with either of the following:

  • Remote mic
  • TV Link

The Compilot when used alone can connect to a variety of Bluetooth devices such as tablets and telephones to help the clarity of sound reaching your child’s processors.

Your Audiologist will be able to help you set up your equipment in an appropriate tuning session. This may be several weeks/months following switch on depending upon the progress of programming and the age of your child.

Additional wireless accessories are also available to purchase directly from the cochlear implant companies.

Advanced Bionics Online Store:

Cochlear Online Store:

Environmental Aids for older children/teenagers

In addition, for older children/teenagers, there is a range of equipment for those who use cochlear implants that may help to improve what is heard. You can purchase the additional equipment or it may be possible to obtain it on long term loan from your local social services department. Depending on where you live equipment from social services is either free, means tested or you may have to pay a contribution.  Each social services department has their own eligibility criteria and range of equipment.  Please ask the cochlear implant team for advice about the type of equipment you might find helpful and how to go about obtaining it.

It is possible to obtain additional equipment to help hear or be alerted to:

  • Television
  • Telephone/mobile
  • Computer/laptop/tablet
  • Doorbell
  • Alarm clock
  • Smoke & baby alarm

For more information about the type and range of equipment available, please refer to the product catalogues from the following companies/organisations:

Tel: 01642 247 789
Fax: 01642 230 827
Minicom: 01642 244 148

Tel: 01737 247 571
Fax: 01737 223 475
Minicom: 01737 644 016
Online shop:

BT Including You
Tel: 0800 800150

Action on Hearing Loss
Tel: 03330 144 525
Minicom: 03330 144 530
Fax: 03332 405 657
SMS: 0780 000 0360