Video testimonials from our implanted patients

All our patient testimonials are subtitled for easier viewing. If the subtitles do not appear, ensure that the closed captions (‘CC’) on the YouTube video player are enabled.

Megan’s story

Megan, 29, was implanted in 2019 when she was 27 years old.

‘When I’m not at work, I’m listening to music, and singing loudly (hopefully, not badly!) in the car, spending time with friends and family, and generally annoying my cat’ – Megan

Toby’s story

Toby, 5, was implanted in 2017 when he was 2 years old.

‘Toby loves singing, building puzzles and anything to do with space, Minecraft or Super Mario Brothers. He also loves dancing – something we feared he wouldn’t do when he was first diagnosed.’ – Vicky, Toby’s mum

Olviya’s story

Olviya, 19, was implanted in 2004 when she was three years old.

‘I am currently studying English Language and Literature at Oxford University. I don’t have much free time nowadays, but I love to play the piano, and I spend my summers volunteering with my local libraries.’ – Olviya

Alan’s story

Alan, 73, was implanted in 2017 when he was 69 years old.

Meg’s story

Megan (Meg), 12, was implanted in 2010 when she was two years old.

‘We have recently relocated to Cumbria and we are enjoying lots of outdoor activities including wild swimming, cycling and walking. Meg started a mainstream senior school, which she loves and she’s made lots of new friends. Meg is obsessed with all things ‘Harry Potter’, she loves to sing and dance and her favourite group is ABBA.’ – Kevin, Meg’s dad

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Robin and Elliot’s story

Robin, 15, was implanted in 2012/13 when he was six years old and Elliot, 12, was implanted in 2018 when he was ten years old.

‘Robin really enjoys school and likes playing Minecraft and running his own YouTube channel- he has 270 subscribers so he’s doing quite well! Elliot is really into the two F’s- football and Fortnite! He plays for his local team usually as a striker and is also part of the FA England Deaf football team Regional Emerging talent programme- which he really enjoys.They both go to mainstream high school, and have good groups of friends.’ – Bill, Robin and Elliot’s dad

Fearne and Violet’s story

Fearne, 4, was implanted in 2018 when she was one year old and Violet, aged one, was implanted in April 2020 (during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown).

‘Fearne loves to look at books and tries to refer the pictures to family life. Fearne holds her ear when playing listening games as she knows she needs to concentrate. Violet is doing really well; she likes to say ‘hello’ on the phone and ‘ready’ before we play car games. It’s been such a quick response with the implant, we have found a massive difference between her and Fearne’s implantation as Fearne was implanted a bit later. Getting Violet implanted during the COVID pandemic was one of the best decisions we made.’ – Alan, Fearne and Violet’s dad

Heather’s story

Heather, 24, was implanted in 2007, when she was 10 years old, and again in 2012, when she was 16 years old.

‘I’m a solicitor and when I’m not working, I love to walk my dogs, go travelling with friends, watch TV and films, listen to music, cook and exercise!’ – Heather

Tony’s story