Community neurological rehabilitation

We promote and enable clients’ independence in activities of daily living by providing community based rehabilitation.

Examples of treatment programmes offered:

  • Activities of daily living – Helping you to become independent in all areas of domestic and personal care
  • Vocational rehabilitation – Supporting you back into paid or unpaid work
  • Community integration – Helping you access leisure and social activities in your community
  • Transitions – Supporting you to move into independent living
  • Cognitive rehabilitation – Assessment and training / education which can be applied in day-to-day activities

Who do we work with?

  • Clients must be aged 16-65 years
  • Reside in the South Tees area
  • Have an identified community rehabilitation need
  • The client must agree to the referral being made
  • Have a diagnosed neurological condition
  • Equipment-only referrals will be re-routed to other OT teams

Examples of conditions that clients may have include:

  • Acquired brain injury, progressive neurological conditions eg multiple sclerosis, Non-progressive conditions eg cerebral palsy

The team

We are a team of specialist occupational therapists who have a sound knowledge of neurological impairments and their effect on function. We assess each client’s physical, emotional, cognitive and functional ability. We also consider the client’s personal situation, environmental factors, and their goals and aspirations in formulating a treatment plan with them.

What happens during the appointment?

We will usually see the client for the first time in their own home for an initial assessment. We will observe the clients ability in a variety of tasks and discuss with them what they would like to achieve. We will then agree a plan with the client for a programme of activity. We will carry out the plan in the most appropriate place for the client; this could be their home, a community location, college or work place.

Where are we based?

11 Trinity Mews
North Ormesby Health Village
Tel: 01642 835 145

When are we available?

Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 4.00pm

How to refer?

Referrals and queries should be directed to:

Sarah Heathcote or Fiona Fletcher
Occupational Therapy Service
Community Neurological Rehabilitation
11 Trinity Mews
North Ormesby Health Village

Tel: 01642 835 145