What we say about research

“It has been brilliant to be part of the research team. I feel that I have developed a strong bond with many of our participants, and shared many laughs and some tears along the way. We are like an extended family, and I know how much the trials we do will help future patients. ”

“The best part of being a research nurse is getting to know the participants and building a rapport with them. I also enjoy doing the clinics and working with a great team.”

What our patients say about research

“The treatment I received was first class. There is always a risk of people being too concerned to try new treatments, but I am 1199% better after my new treatment. I have nothing but praise for the research team and would recommend research to anyone”

“I enjoyed participating on the study and I feel I was better looked after”

“I was delighted to participate in the research trial… I can drive and I can read – where would I have been without the original research in the first place: blind no doubt”.

“Hopefully in years to come there will be a better understanding for the doctors about which treatment works best”

“I have definitely felt the benefits and know that without being part of this research trial my eyesight would not be as good as is it today.”