Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive to my appointment?

If your letter states DO NOT DRIVE then please do not drive to your appointment. This is because the specialist may want to put some dilating drops in your eyes that will blur the vision for around five hours. You would also not be insured to drive after your appointment if you have had dilating drops.

Should I bring my glasses?

YES. Even if you don’t wear your glasses please bring with you the latest pair of reading and/or distance glasses that you have been prescribed by your optician. When you arrive at eye outpatients you will book in at reception and then have your visual acuity checked, you will need distance glasses if you have been prescribed any for this activity.

Do I need to take my medication with me to show the doctor?

It may be useful to bring a list of the medication you take to show the doctor if they ask you for it.

Can I get new glasses?

Please ask the specialist for advice on this at your next appointment because if you undergo treatment the specialist might like you to wait until your treatment is over.

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