Help with Sight Loss

Diagnosis of an eye condition can be hard to come to terms with which is why we have a service which is designed to offer you help.

The eye outpatient department has a worker from a national charity who works within the clinic to provide specialist information and advice to people who have just been diagnosed with sight loss or want to discuss their eye condition and it’s impact on their life.

We would like to ensure that no one is left without support and information at any stage of the eye care journey. Busy clinicians often have limited time to explain to patients the vast array of opportunity and support that is available to them. Our eye clinic liaison officer has the time and the information that you need.

If you would rather research information for yourself, we have also put together a list of trusted links below that we hope you will find useful.

Eye clinic liaison officers

Our eye clinic liaison officer (ECLO) works in conjunction with the opticians, orthoptists, doctors, health services, social care services and other voluntary organisations to ensure our patients get access to appropriate services.

The ECLO is there to ensure that those who attend eye clinics, including relatives and carers, have access to relevant advice and support. Experienced staff providing practical information to clients that helps put their diagnosis in context.

If you would like to talk to an eye clinic liaison officer please ask for an appointment at one of our reception desks, or call: 01642 850850 ext 52065. They can support you to maintain your independence and provide tailored guidance regarding:

Day to day living support (for example advice about appropriate aids)

  • Emotional support
  • Employment advice
  • Housing issues
  • Access to benefits and concessions
  • Benefits of registration
  • Support agencies locally and nationally

Our ECLO also supports visually impaired children, young people and families to enjoy full and active lives through access to information about education, leisure, sporting and social activities. They also provide advice about transition services for older young people adapting to higher education, independent living and the world of work.

The ECLO at The James Cook University Hospital and Friarage Hospital is employed by Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) and supports anyone who is experiencing a problem due to an eye condition – not just registered patients.

ECLO contact details

Our eye clinic liaison officer is: Angela Bedingfield:

The service is managed by Cathie Burke, RNIB ECLO service manager:

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