Foot and Ankle Surgery

Welcome to the foot and ankle unit, a multidisciplinary team providing care for orthopaedic patients with foot and ankle problems at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The team approach to foot and ankle surgery is important to us and so we would like you to meet our key people and explain the types of care we can provide both at The James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage Hospital Northallerton:

Lisa Davidson

Lisa is the administrator and secretary for the whole team of consultants, physiotherapists and specialist practitioners. Lisa is responsible for co-ordinating clinics, referrals and operations.

Diane Passman

If you need an operation, sister Diane Passman is one of the first people you will meet. As our foot and ankle specialist nurse practitioner, Diane runs our pre-admission service. This assessment of your general health is vital to make sure you are able to have an anaesthetic and an operation safely. Before surgery, Diane runs information sessions, to help patients learn about their operations. Diane will also see you in clinic after your operation to check your progress, and to make sure there are no problems. As you can see, Diane is a key member of the team!

Philippa Dolphin

As our specialist physiotherapist, Philippa has spent the last six years building our understanding of foot and ankle rehabilitation (treatments that can help after injury or operation). Philippa sees and treats many patients: from injuries such as ligament and tendon ruptures, to patients needing help with recovery after surgery. With Philippa on the team, many patients recover without the need for an operation, and patients who have an operation have the input to achieve the best function possible.

Scott Murray

Many patients who come to our clinic in the hospital can be treated with footwear, splints and insoles. Scott is one of our highly skilled Orthotists, who will see and assess patients for such treatment. This process involves designing the insole, manufacturing it from the appropriate materials and modifying it if there are any problems. Not all foot and ankle problems can be completely solved by surgery, and Scott often helps maximise the benefits of our operations with his expert input.

Sanya Adedapo, Paul Mackenney and Mohammed Al-Maiyah

We are the orthopaedic surgeons with a specialist interest in foot and ankle problems. Although individually we are able to provide specialist care for all foot and ankle conditions, each of us has particular interests within the field.

Sanya Adedapo is one of our paediatric orthopaedic surgeons, and therefore deals with any children who come to us with foot and ankle problems. He has a great deal of experience in ankle joint replacement and complex deformity of the foot. He also has regular joint clinics with the rheumatology doctors, providing expert care for patients with inflammatory joint problems.

Paul Mackenney has developed an interest in soft tissue injury in the foot and ankle, and working closely with Philippa Dolphin, he provides surgery when needed for patients with ligament and tendon damage. He also has an interest in foot and ankle trauma, and foot problems which occur in patients with diabetes.

Mohammed Al-Maiyah is the newest member of our team. He comes to us having gained enormous experience in foot and ankle surgery, having done several fellowships in Australia and the United Kingdom. He has particular expertise in limb reconstruction and trauma, bringing new and valuable skills to the Team.

That is the team at The James Cook University Hospital. Our team provides clinical services at the Friarage in Northallerton and at the Friary in Richmond, to reduce travelling time for our patients.