MCh Orthopaedics Programme Structure

The programme consists of a number of modules which are taken part-time over a two-year time period.

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 1 Evidence based practice (20 Designing research projects (20)
Trauma and orthopaedics (40)
Practical statistics (20) (Terms 1 & 2)
Year 2 **Designated Option module (20 credit)
Dissertation (60 or 80 credits)

**Designated option module only taken with 60-credit dissertation module.

**Timing of designated option module within the second year will vary depending on specific-option module choice.

The first year of the programme consists of four core modules which will develop the knowledge and skills you will need to undertake your dissertation. In the second year of the programme you will have the option of choosing to undertake an 80-credit dissertation and research paper module or a 20-credit designated option module plus a 60-credit dissertation. You will be asked to make this choice towards the end of your first year.

Advice and support in choosing your options is available from your programme leader and clinical advisor. The standard length of time to complete your programme is two years. However you can opt to slowtrack and take up to five years to complete your programme. You will need to discuss this with your programme leader if you wish to extend the time for completing your programme.