Entitlement of shoes, shoe raises/adaptions

Eligible adults will initially be supplied with two pairs of boot or shoes – footwear is not ordinarily replaced on an annual basis but replaced once they can longer be repaired or if your orthotist feels they are no longer suitable.

Non-adapted shoe repairs and maintenance are your own responsibility.

Adults are entitled to two pairs of shoes to be adapted or raised every year.  If you would like more than this you will need to contact an adaptations company privately and pay.

Once your footwear is beyond repair (you will need to bring them back to clinic to be checked) a new pair will be ordered and supplied.  This means you should always have two pairs of footwear.  Try not to keep one for best.

If you don’t have a clinical need for footwear but have swollen feet and you are finding it difficult to buy shoes wide enough to accommodate your feet, please click here for information on recommended shoe suppliers.