Shoe adaptations/repairs

What is a shoe adaptation?

A shoe adaptation is something that is done to the outside of the shoe for a variety of reasons including:

  • A socket for a calliper
  • A wedge or flare to alter your foot position
  • A raise for a short leg

Entitlement of shoe raises/adaptations: If clinically necessary, adults are entitled to two pairs of shoes to be adapted or raised every year.

What is a shoe repair?

A shoe repair is the restoration or mending of any part of the shoe including the heel or sole.

Entitlement of shoe repairs: Shoe repairs are the responsibility of the patient, unless the shoes have a clinical variation which prevents normal shoe repair.

Orthotics – shoes


As from 1 December 2014, the trust no longer carries out repairs to footwear with a normal sole or heel. We would ask patients not to leave or send any footwear of this kind to orthotic services as they will not be repaired.


Any patients’ own footwear that needs an adaptation will still be carried out (two pairs per year).

This is done through an appointment with an orthotic assistant by contacting the orthotic department:

Telephone: 01642 854497