Download Platforms

Download clinics

The paediatric diabetes nurses review patient data downloaded to a number of platforms twice a week or at your request.

If you have been asked to download or feel your/ your child’s data needs reviewing between clinic please download to the platform you have been advised to use such as Diasend, Tidepool, Medtronic Carelink, Dexcom Clarity eu, Libre View.

The nurses automatically review data on a Monday and Friday morning but if you wish us to look at data at other times please call us on 01642 854660 or email your key nurse and ask us to review the data.

We are in the process of trying to poverty proof our service and if you do not have access to a laptop we may be able to help, please call us and we will look into securing a loan laptop for you.

Information on downloading can be obtained by calling your nurses or by viewing the link for the appropriate platform information below: