End of Life Care Statement

The trust, in partnership with the clinical commissioning groups of South Tees and Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby, have end of life care as a top priority.

Although we do not use the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’, we have taken the recommendations of the Neuberger Review (July 2013) very seriously.

End of life care

Our specialist palliative care service has updated guidance and tools for care in the last days of life and these are now in place following a pilot.

Clinical teams are trained in its use and the guidance and documentation has been in place since January 2015.

Monthly audits assure us that good quality care is being delivered. This is backed up by feedback through the bereavement service based at The James Cook University Hospital.

We are committed to a constant process of quality improvement. If anyone has had a poor experience, we would like to hear about it in order that we can learn and take appropriate measures. Contact Alison Wheelhouse on 01642 854938 in the first instance.