Patient Information and External Links

Links for South Tees staff

  • Will I need a Blood Transfusion?
  • Info for Patients who have Received an Unexpected Blood Transfusion
  • Will I need a Platelet Transfusion?
  • Information for Patients Needing Irradiated Blood
  • Platelet Antigens and Antibodies in Pregnancy
  • Protecting Women & Babies with anti-D Immunoglobulin
  • What is Anaemia?
  • Will my Baby need a Blood Transfusion?
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma & Cryoprecipitate
  • Will my Child need a Plasma Transfusion?
  • Amazing You – young children’s leaflet
  • Voyages on the microsub discovery – older children’s leaflet
  • Children receiving a blood transfusion – parent/guardian guide
  • Post Transfusion Information Leaflet

For any leaflets above please contact the Transfusion Practitioners on 52802 or visit the NHS Blood and Transplant Patient Information Leaflets page.